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Basically Bagels  - Varieties
All of our bagels are made with fresh, whole ingredients. All bagels contain white and/or whole wheat flour, salt, brown/white sugar, and yeast. We use no preservatives. Depending on variety, bagels may also include honey, cinnamon, allspice, oil, dry milk, cured meat (pepperoni or bacon), various nuts, dried fruit (raisin, cranberry, blueberry, and/or cherry). Toppings can include sesame, sunflower, or poppy seeds, and dry onion.
Plain, Sweet, and Savory Bagels
Plain: Simple, and perfect for sandwiches and flavored cream cheese! $7
Honey-Wheat: Slightly sweet, with a touch of honey and brown sugar. $8
Cinnamon-Sugar: For the raisin-haters out there! A cinnamon bagel sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. $8
Cinnamon-Raisin: A classic. The dough contains raisins and the bagel is topped with raisins as well. $9
Cranberry-Walnut: Slightly sweet and imbued with cranberries and finely chopped walnuts. $9
Blueberry: Because customers asked for it! Dried blueberries in and on a sweet bagel. $9
The Triple Fruit: Created for the holidays in 2011, this is a keeper. Dried cranberry, cherry, and raisin in a cinnamon and nutmeg-flavored bagel. $10
Onion, Poppy, or Sesame Bagels: Everyone has their favorite! A plain bagel topped profusely with a choice of onion, poppy, or sesame. $8
Everything: Always a favorite. Onion, poppy, and sesame together on top of a plain bagel. $9
Bacon: Yes, bacon! We invented this. A moist and savory bagel containing slow-cooked and crisply shredded bacon. Great for egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. $10
Pepperoni-Parmesan: Chopped spicy pepperoni and parmesan cheese are inside this "pizza bagel." Kids love this! $10

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All prices are per half dozen (six bagels). Please double when ordering one dozen bagels.

Check back often to see our special, seasonally-offered bagels!

We can create a custom bagel for you: onion/bacon; cherry/blueberry, or any other combo of flavors. Contact us and let us design your "dream bagel'! 

If you do not see you favorite bagel listed, please inquire. Our menu is constantly expanding.