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About Basically Bagels
I'm Donna LeSchander, the founder, head baker, and chief bottle washer at 
Basically Bagels. When I moved with my family from Manhattan to the north central PA mountains in 2008, we couldn't find traditional, New York-style bagels - so I created my own. In April 2011 Basically Bagels turned into a full-time business, with retail customers and an enthusiastic fan base at local Farmers' Markets.

Basically Bagels is committed to handmade, "real" food with no fillers or artificial ingredients. These are not the bagels you buy at the supermarket; they are not even the bagels you buy at most coffee shops and bakeries. (As I like to say, the mix doesn't come in on the food supply truck). Once you've tasted an authentic Basically Bagel, you'll never go back. Contact us today!